How Security Officers Are Trained For Protecting Banks

Banks need to be protected at all times to ensure the safety of galactic amounts of funds, customers and employees. Special training is given to bank security officers to maintain the highest levels of security at the institution round the clock. Here are some of the training methods that are used in training bank security officers today in accordance with The Bank Protection Act of 1968.

Who Can Be A Bank Security Guard?

A bank security officer must at least be 18 years of age and must be a driving license holder. He must be tested for drug use through a drug test and have a license for carrying weapons. The individual must have relevant work experience and should come from a good security company.

On Job Training

Regular on job training is given to all security officers working in the bank like how to use firearms, how they should critically observe suspicious individuals, diffusing security threats and security rules that they should always abide by. A security guard is trained in such a way that he can pick up tell tale signs of trouble and effectively avert the risk of a disaster.

Bank Opening and Closing Procedures

It is believed by security experts that banks are most vulnerable during opening and closing times. In order to reduce the risk of theft and bank heists, certain approved methods are incorporated in the regular security plan. Two security officers are required to open the bank; one security officer remains outside while the other one goes inside. Their cell phones are programmed to send off all clear signals and 911 emergency calls are activated. The closing procedure however, does not involve the presence of a security officer but inspection of the whole interior area before electronically locking all doors is necessary.

In Case of a Robbery

When it comes to banks, robberies and heists are inevitable. In case of an armed robbery, there are certain methods taught to bank security officers for handling the crucial situation. The staff and officers must remain calm and not let panic get the best of them. They must take a good look at the robbers and memorize some details about them; distinct physical features to be more precise. They should also notice their escape route. This way, the police detectives and officers can have some firsthand information that they can use in solving the crime.

Devices and Measures for Enhanced Security

Not only security guards are trained to protect the bank and its employees and customers but security devices are also used for enhancing the security level. Security camera, security alarms, metal detectors, etc are used in routine security checks so all areas of the bank; internal and external remain safe and sound. Some security guards are also taught how to maintain and test these security devices for optimum performance.