Going to Work in the UK? Tax Refunds Explained

If you’re going to the UK to work it’s important to know a few UK tax facts to make sure you don’t end up losing your money.

When you start work in the UK you need to make sure you give your employer your National Insurance Number so you avoid paying emergency tax – which is much higher than the normal UK tax rates. Your National Insurance Number (NIN) is the unique number allocated to you by the Department for Work and Pension in the UK. It allows you to work, pay taxes and access public services in the UK.

PAYE and Self-employed tax

Once you start working you will need to pay UK tax either as a PAYE employee (if you’re a receptionist, nurse or a teacher for example) or as self-employed person, such as a construction subcontractor.

If you are PAYE your employer should deduct tax from your earnings each time you get paid. If you are self-employed you are responsible for your own UK tax return called a self-assessment tax return. As a self-employed in the UK you can claim back work-related expenses such as work tools, transport and dry cleaning your work uniform.

If you’ve started work already in the UK you will be paying 20% income tax on earnings above £1830 and 40% on any earnings over £36,401.

Claim your UK taxes back

If you do end up on the wrong tax code and overpay tax in the UK, you can claim this money back once you leave the UK or when the tax year ends on April 5th. You have up to six years to claim any overpaid UK tax.

If you want to find out how much you could be owed, you can use a free tax refund calculator.

To claim your UK tax refund, you need to file a tax return. A tax return is the annual submission of tax forms documenting your earnings, taxes paid, deductable expenses and benefits that you send to the HM Revenue & Customs for review.

From this information it is determined whether you have overpaid tax and are owed a tax refund.

The amount of your UK tax refund depends on factors like:

  • Your earnings
  • Your expenses
  • Whether you worked the whole tax year
  • If you had more than one job at a time or changed jobs
  • Whether you have children
  • If your circumstances changed, eg: you became self-employed
  • If you took a break during or between employments

When choosing a tax return company, we recommend that you select companies which:

  • Are HM Revenue & Customs registered agents
  • Have an office in the UK
  • Can guarantee that your tax refund will be 100% legal and safe


What Real Estate Pitfalls Should You Avoid When Buying Property?

In any real estate endeavor, there are common consequences that any investor encounters, even those who have been long in the business. If you are new to investing in properties, or a first-time home buyer, you need to take note of pitfalls that are sure to take place in making your deals.

It is better that you are aware of the common pitfalls occurring during real estate deals. It is even a better way in becoming knowledgeable in the business than relying on success stories of other investors. By knowing the common pitfalls, you have better chances of avoiding them. Some of the most common pitfalls are briefly explained below.

No real estate agent involvement

Some investors want to cut down expenses by not hiring an agent. Then they do their own research, since they are the only ones who know which property is ideal that matches their preferences. Although there is truth to it, not all investors have all the knowledge in dealing with real estate transactions. One needs an expert in the local area where the property purchase would be made. An agent could provide the local area’s buying policies, property details, market trends and other real estate-related legalities and processes.

When one does not employ the services of a certified real estate agent, there are higher risks of stalling a successful purchase deal.

Overlooking the property details

Some investors make the mistake of forgetting to notice all the details of the property. There are some cases of investment deals that have transpired without looking into proper research of title deeds, legal disputes and survey of the land area. These are only a few of the important details that most home buyers only realize after the deal was finalized.

Buying without conducting due diligence

In every financial transaction or real estate endeavor, this detail is usually forgotten. Investors may grab any real estate purchase opportunity without researching if the property is a sound investment. The property may seem superficially a good location or aesthetically stimulating. However, these do not guarantee that they are actual sensible assets. For example, some beach properties are enticing but environmental catastrophes and poor accessibility are only realized when the owner has been there for a few weeks already. It is already too late to ‘return’ the property and too soon to be put back in the market again.

Early reservation fee or deposit down

When investors have found the perfect property to purchase, they cannot let it go. Hence, to fast-track the deal and the property be immediately theirs, an initial deposit or reservation fee is given right away. There is nothing wrong with this. However, some sellers do not allow refunds in case the investors back out. Hence, more waste of finances unfortunately arises.

Tight budget-buying

In these days of real estate crises nationwide, the principal theme in property investment is ‘the cheaper, the better’. Although budget is an important factor, purchasing less expensive properties may not seem such a good idea. Remember that there is always a catch. Cheaper properties are more vulnerable to further future expenses due to unseen repair or reconstruction needs, and other unexpected costs.

Other deals may also seem the better ones when they are offered in cheap prices. However, these prices are only the initial prices. Especially for previously owned properties, the seemingly affordable offer may exclude pending property taxes, land area disputes and personally guaranteed mortgage loans.

Mortgage payment problems

Paying mortgages is an intrinsic part of investing in real estate. There are alarming data on delinquency rates for various mortgage loans, from constructions loans to residential homes loans.

According to several data checker companies and mortgage brokers associations, mortgage non-payments range from 13.8 percent to 21.7 percent in several states which occurred only within this year’s second quarter. The delinquency rate is expected to continue to rise up to 7 percent more by the end of the year. You need to be cautioned that despite the noticeable decrease in home prices for most real estate markets, the mortgage rates are still almost as high as the time before the current real estate crises.

Nowadays, investing in real estate must be taken with watchful precautions. However, you should not limit yourself by not purchasing any. These real estate pitfalls may serve as knowledge gain for you to make wiser purchasing decisions.


Free MLM Marketing Ideas Bring Networking Success

Those who have access to the MLM marketing ideas and other secrets of successful Internet Marketers are positioned to make lots and lots of money. Those who can do no better than using the traditional, more widely known approaches (postcards, mass emails, etc.) are pretty well doomed to failure. Here are four free MLM marketing ideas for you to put into action immediately to speed you on your way toward MLM marketing success.

1- Hitch your wagon to an established internet marketing star – a leader with proven networking success and lots of MLM marketing ideas. Which makes more sense? Respond to a post card offer from a complete stranger with an unknown networking success history or seek out a program offered by a proven marketing star – one who is already experiencing fantastic marketing success?

We hear a lot these days about being ‘proactive’. Proactive folks are go-getters. They don’t sit around waiting for others to make things happen – for others to offer them the golden egg. In the field of internet marketing these are the ones who grow to accomplish fantastic networking success. To arrive there, you must spend time reading through internet marketing literature and free MLM marketing ideas. Keep track of the names associated with the most successful programs. Try Googling ‘Internet Marketing Leaders’, ‘Successful MLM Sponsors’, ‘MLM Success’, and the like., Take some time to sample what’s out there and see which names rise to the top when it comes to offering the very best MLM marketing ideas.

2- Stop calling, emailing, and postcarding folks who somehow got placed on ‘Hot MLM Prospects’ lists. Often they are not prospects at all and seldom are they hot. Think about it. Truly ‘hot’ prospects would be those who have already demonstrated some degree of networking success – how else could ‘hot’ really be defined? Furthermore, if one were already experiencing networking success (‘hot’ do you really think he would opt into a mailing list like that? Of course not. So, stop marketing to unproven prospects.

3- Market to others who already know something about successfully promoting your kind of offer. How do you find them? You don’t! You arrange your marketing strategy so they find you. (Those prospects mentioned above who have already achieved some level of networking success.) Make yourself visible as a marketing authority by authoring a series of articles, which you present through ‘article sites’ like this one. In that way when some interested, motivated, party does a Google, Yahoo, or Bing search for key works such as, MLM Marketing Ideas, or Networking Success, your article pops out at them.

If what you have to say is truly helpful, practical, and filled with great MLM marketing ideas, they will follow the link you place at the end of your article and there you have it – they have found you and have come to your website. Then, as you continue to help them by providing a steady stream of MLM marketing ideas, you begin building a solid reputation as a marketing authority and eventually may be able to market to them. They will seek your advice on programs and products.

4- Offer a ‘never ending’ supply of free MLM marketing ideas crammed with truly useful information and techniques for achieving networking success. Your contacts will soon come to depend on you for guidance and education. That defines you as a marketing leader. And who should potential marketers ‘hitch to’? Proven Stars riding the wave of networking success!

There you have it. Those who have searched you out and appreciate the value of your guidance will want to continue receiving your free MLM marketing ideas, learn more about becoming a networking success, and look over your offers. Make sure you offer only remarkable, proven, programs, and MLM marketing ideas that present surefire success, and your down line will fill with loyal go-getters all without ever calling, emailing, or post-carding again.


Real Estate Investment Loan – Invest Through Low Cost Funds

Investment in real estate is turning into a huge profit generating business. Real estate business though requires lot of thinking and commercial wisdom for earning a sizeable profit. The loan aspect is crucial to generating continuous business for the investor. Keeping this purpose in consideration, lenders have designed especially real estate investment loan that makes investment in real estate a lot more attractive for even first timer.

Taking a real estate investment loan means you are utilizing the finance for investing in a commercial property. So before you settle for making real estate investment loan deal, make sure that you have carefully selected the property from the loan availing point of view. Note that lenders prefer a sound income generating property for considering real estate investment loan. Lenders wish to ascertain that the property is a good profit prospect. This assures in turn the lender of safe and timely return of the loan. Though real estate investment loan is a secured loan still lender would like to escape the costly repossession route and prefer instead the safe payback of the loan.

Real estate investment loan is a secured loan. Lenders secure the loan against the very property the borrower intends to make investment in. deal papers of the property are taken in possession by the lender for securing the loan and are return to the borrower on complete pay off of the loan. This is one reason the borrowed amount under real estate investment loan depends on the type of property. If the lender values the real estate more as possible income generator or is already giving good income, greater loan can be pocketed. Usually real estate investment loan is offered in the range of £100000 to £3000000.

For the convenient pay off real estate investment loan, lenders give you larger duration. They can offer you repayment duration of 10 to 30 years. The investor can wisely spread the loan in larger repayment duration for reduction in monthly outgo towards installments. A lot of portion of the loan is thus saved for other utilizations. Real estate investment loan is a lower interest rate loan because it is fully secured and risks for the lender are remote.

Since there are negligible risks involved, lenders do not think twice in considering real estate investment loan for bad credit people. In case of payment default, lender can still recover the loaned amount by selling the property of the borrower.

There are some requirements from the lenders of real estate investment loan providers. Lenders may ask for the property documents to ensure the intended investment is for genuine purpose. Lenders may demand tax records of the property the borrower intends to invest the loan in. so keep such and documents ready.

Investors can search for real estate investment loan providers on internet. Number of the loan providers have showcased real estate investment loan in their websites. Study them for each aspect and compare interest rates and terms-conditions. After settling for a suitable lender, apply online to him for faster approval of the loan.

Investment in real estate is a hurdle free experience when the investor opts for real estate investment loan. Make the loan deal after careful comparison of various loan packages on offer. Also ensure for timely repayment of the loan installment for avoiding debts.